I Poop Gold

by Rob Paravonian

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A pop tune about the magical world of celebutantes.


People listen to me 'cause I'm a B-list hottie
I got a rockin' body
so people look my way
And since I get attention
everybody wants to mention me
In my head that makes me think
that I have things to say

You may think I'm lame
but you know my name
And this fame took no work to achieve.
I don't know why,
I don't have to try
That's why I have been lead to believe

I poop gold, I'm so interesting
I poop gold, I don't need to think
I poop gold, my job is being me
I poop gold, I get paid handsomely
And I'm great is all I've ever been told
I poop gold

People think that I just party
but I work really hard
Last week I just started a new workout routine
But I do more than dance
I'm trying to advance the world
I tweeted to my fans that it is not nice to be mean

I have no real skill
All I do is chill
And I'm still making millions a year.
I don't wonder how
my success is allowed
There's no doubt, no, the reason is clear

I poop gold, I'm so adored yeah
I poop gold, must be my aura
I poop gold, the public wants more of me
I poop gold, I could never be boring
And my escapades will never get old.
I poop gold.

I believe my every musing has mass appeal
If I'm ever a bitch I'm just keeping it real
With all of these people watching me
I must be what they all want to be

I poop gold, you may think I'm grating
I poop gold, but my life gets good ratings
I poop gold, do you care who I'm dating?
I poop gold, then you're participating
And if you don't get me then I just think you're old
I poop gold.

I poop gold, I'm a phenomenon
I poop gold, I ramble on and on
I poop gold, I got it going on
I poop gold, as long as my show is on


released May 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Rob Paravonian New York

Known the world over for his viral "Pachelbel Rant" video, Rob Paravonian is a musician and comedian who has performed on Comedy Central, opened for comedy legends George Carlin and Lily Tomlin, and was once called a "deranged bastard child of Tom Lehrer and Joan Baez." ... more

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