by Rob Paravonian

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Recorded live at the Crooked Bar in Hollywood, CA way back in 2002. I performed this song on the first season of Comedy Central's Premium Blend even earlier, back in 1997. Someone on facebook asked about it recently so I thought I'd make it available for a while. Enjoy!


Life is pain, life is hard
Life leaves me hurt and scarred
I hate you, I hate me
I even hate Sara Lee
I got ripped off, my life sucks
I wanna get hit by a big ass truck
I'm filled with anger, I'm filled with rage
But things will be different when I get off stage

'Cause then I'll be a big rock star
And I can drive home in my new sports car
I got all the money and I get all the girls
I got a jet plane to fly around the world
Because I'm super happy, my pain is a sham
Super happy, tickled pink's what I am
I'm super happy, my joy has no end
And all I have to do is pretend

That my life sucks, my life blows
I can barely make it to my sold out shows
Life is worthless, life just hurts
Kill yourself but by my record first
I'm misunderstood and all alone
I look so sad in Rolling Stone
It's so hard to keep all my fans frowning
Day after day it feels like I'm drowning

In a big pile of money, the world's at my feet
If you wanna cash in malaise can't be beat
I'm loaded and I have my young fans to thank
I'm whining all the way to the bank
Oh yeah, I'm super happy
Life sucks is my motto
I sing about teen angst and it's like I won the lotto
I'm super happy, I'm bursting at the seams
I'm super happy, my life's better than your dreams

But sometimes I get so tired
Yeah, this part's true
And I don't know what I'm going to do
So don't be sad if someday I should leave
I'll be in a better place, don't weep for me

'Cause.. I'll... be...

On a beach in the South Pacific
Spending all your money, it'll be terrific
My arms around two Italian bellas
Sipping big drinks with little umbrellas
I'm super happy, I'm loved and admired
I'm super happy, I'm thirty-two and I retired
I'm super happy, I got big bucks
My life's great 'cause I keep saying it sucks
My life's great 'cause I keep saying it sucks.


released July 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Rob Paravonian New York

Known the world over for his viral "Pachelbel Rant" video, Rob Paravonian is a musician and comedian who has performed on Comedy Central, opened for comedy legends George Carlin and Lily Tomlin, and was once called a "deranged bastard child of Tom Lehrer and Joan Baez." ... more

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